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High Performance Specialist / Sports Scientist / Sports Management Consultant

Ted is a high performance consultant and nutrition specialist providing organizational structure development services for sports performance organizations.



High Performance Specialist / Sports Scientist / Sports Management Consultant


Doctor of Philosophy - Machine Learning & AI (2024)

  • Machine Learning modeling theory

  • Programing and algorithm design for analysis

  • Computational, machine learning and AI modeling

  • Research in Next-Generation sequencing and technology

  • Data privacy, security and policy development

  • Advanced Cyber Security

  • Predictive Sports analytics

  • Science Policy, political analysis and communication


Masters of Science - Exercise Biochemistry/Biomechanics

  • Exercise biochemical studies and laboratory research

  • Applied and laboratory biomechanical analysis and research

  • Extensive studies in nutrition and sports psychology


Bachelor's of Science - Genetics/Biochemistry

  • Detailed study of biology, genetics, biochemistry, physics, microbiology, evolution and ecology

  • Advanced mathematics and statistics study

  • Research experience in physiology, anatomy and biomechanics

  • Wet-lab/theoretical biology research at the sub-cellular, cellularorganismal and population levels


Associates Degree - Computer Science


  • Object oriented programming

  • C++ Programming

  • Python programming 

  • Databases and data structure Programming

  • Visual Basic programming


Associates Degree - Computer Information Systems (2021)

  • Cloud infrastructure and design

  • Cloud database management - MySQL/NoSQL

  • Amazon web services

  • Website design, HTML, CSS

  • Computer architecture and assembly language


Bio / Experience

Ted Edwards, (MS, CSCS, USAW, FMS) is a High Performance Specialist, Sports Management Consultant and  Sports Nutritionist providing organizational structure development services for sports performance organizations who govern elite athletes, such as professional triathletes, NFL players, tactical operators, Olympians, marathoners and MLB players.  He takes on the role of high level general manager facilitating successful and effective high performance programs.  Having experience with all facets of sport from hands on coaching, research, organizational leadership,  teaching and policy making/implementation, he use his diverse experience to train not only athletes, but to teach coaches, to start programs and  solidify  organizations.

Ted earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degreee Biochemistry/Genetics and his Master’s Degree in Exercise Biochemisry/Biomechanics with extensive studies in nutrition.  He played many sports growing up such as baseball, basketball and track and continued as a Division-1 college football player (linebacker) at San Diego State University. This competitive environment helps him strive for success in everything he does.

His strength and conditioning experience continues to be in high-level sports performance.  He has been a high performance specialist, strength & conditioning coach and nutrition consultant for some of the top sports teams in the country and the world for the last 15 years.  Ted was a Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Shanghai Sports Institute where he worked with Chinese professional and national team athletes preparing them for the upcoming seasons.  He has worked with Chinese leadership for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) to create a solid foothold for the NSCA to start the certified practice of strength and conditioning in China.   As an NSCA program facilitator Ted taught seminars to coaches on a variety of scientific and practical applications in the sports performance field.   He also spent time coaching in Spain.

Ted has also worked as a Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the 1st Marines Special Operations Battalion at Camp Pendleton, CA part of MARSOC (a division of SOCOM).  He designed and implemented programs for the Marines Special Forces Critical Skills Operators so they could be deployment ready and able to perform maximally during intense combat.  Ted was required to obtain United States Government Secret Clearance from the Department of Defense for this position and still holds this clearance.

A variety of schools, organizations have utilized Ted’s services including:  The Minnesota Vikings for 2 seasons winning a Division championship, the University of Florida on 2 separate occasions and winning the College Football National Championship, The University of California-Berkeley, and the Chinese Olympic committee just to name a few.

Ted has experience working with many sports including basketball, American football, rugby, field hockey, swimming, ice hokey, lacrosse, diving, softball, baseball, volleyball, track and field,  soccer handball, gymnastics, judo, wushu, tennis, golf and more.

Athletic Experience

Division 1 College Football - Inside Linebacker

  • San Diego State University - Mountain West Conference

High School Athlete - 3+ Varsity Letters

  • Football, Basketball Track

*Other:  7 Years of Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer

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